This California restaurant put a “deconstructed avocado toast bowl” on its menu, and uh, isn’t that a salad?

We may not fully understand every food trend in the year 2018, but this one is more of a head-scratcher than usual. Apparently, deconstructed avocado toast bowls are a thing now, thanks to a California restaurant that recently added the item to its menu. But if you ask us, this dish just sounds like a salad — a type of food that definitely already exists.

As the Independent pointed out, over the weekend, a woman named Kara Swisher from Venice shared a photo from a menu she’d seen featuring the new item, which appears to be hopping on the avocado toast bandwagon, and…well, people immediately went bananas.

According to the menu, the bowl is in a testing phase, but if the tweets that have surfaced just from this image are any indication, we have a feeling this item may never become a regular offering.

The photo says that the bowl includes “avocado and cherry tomatoes tossed in Honey Lime Vinaigrette with Seven Grain Croutons over a bed of farrow, crisp apple, and kale,” and is served with a hard-boiled egg.

So basically, any salad that also happens to have avocado in it? Got it. Excuse us if we’re wrong, but we have a feeling this has been done before.

See for yourself:

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So far, there’s no word on which restaurant is responsible for this monstrosity, but it goes without saying that most people are pretty confused by this concept. Why not just serve actual avocado toast? Or better yet, serve this exact meal, but call it what it is: a salad. There’s no need to get fancy in the name if it tastes delicious, right?

Sigh. The avocado toast trend isn’t going anywhere, but a key part of that particular food item is the toast. We’d like to keep it — and not in the form of croutons, either. Salad is a different food, y’all, and it doesn’t mean you have to deconstruct something good to make it happen. Can we just agree on that?

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