California created a program to help transgender people find work, and we think that’s incredible

Many of us are aware of the struggles trans people face when it comes to identity and self-acceptance. But there’s a lesser-known problem that strongly affects many in the transgender community: hiring discrimination.

And California has launched a program to help transgender people get jobs in the restaurant business.

This awesome new comes after we witnessed President Obama’s transgender bathroom decree and saw a startup help trans and gender non-conforming people find health care.

Founded by trans activist Michaela Mendelsohn, the California Trans Workplace Project aims to “promote California as a “truly transgender positive workplace,” by educating management teams about trans-inclusivity and connecting employers with trans people who are seeking work.

Check out this video explaining the initiative (and warning, you might want to grab the tissues because it’s SERIOUSLY inspirational.

Mendelsohn owns several El Pollo Loco franchises, and she makes a point of hiring trans people in her restaurants.

"Nearly half of the employees who work in the store identify as transgender, and I do as well."

We love this so much, and we’re hoping that similar programs crop up in other states as people gain more of an understanding that being transgender is actually completely and utterly regular.


There’s still definitely a lot of work to be done in the field of gender and sexual equality, but this is definitely progress! And we’re all about that.

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