A Calfornia city just basically got eaten by foam and we’re not going to lie, it looks fun

Santa Clara, California just got a surprise in time for the holidays, and we’re a little bit jealous. Apparently, the city was taken over by a mysterious foam blob from the fire department’s suppression device! According to the San Jose Fire Department, it’s totally nontoxic and is expected to dissolve on its own.

So what are are you supposed to do when you’ve been praying for a snow day, and then your city’s been eaten by foam? Well, the Santa Clara locals have the right idea! They aren’t sitting in their homes until the snow foam melts away…they’re out there enjoying every bit of it!

Here’s a view from the street! It’s epic.

This Santa Clara local has taken full advantage of his foam day!

But before any of his other neighbors could join in the fun, the police blocked off the street to stop any other copycats. We totally get it. A ton of residents on bikes on a slippery street is a recipe for disaster…and a ton of lawsuits.

However, it was fun to watch while it lasted!

We’re totally jealous, but happy that our Santa Clara pals had the chance to enjoy a faux snow showering during the holiday season.