Cal says he wishes he made things right with Rose in “Titanic” *raises eyebrow*

If you haven’t seen Titanic in over a decade (like me), you might not remember Cal all that well. He was Rose’s fiancé, you know, the one who framed Jack for stealing the Heart of the Ocean and then later left Jack to die on the ship when he very well could have saved him. And then tried to SHOOT him later when Jack and Rose escaped.  Sure, Rose backed out of her engagement to him, but trying to kill Jack twice? Not cool. But, hang on. Billy Zane, who played Cal, has a few things he’d like to say about his much-hated character.

During an appearance on the Today show, Zane said of Cal: “He was a little misunderstood. I wasn’t the iceberg! I did not drown 2,000 people.” He continued, “I think he found redemption by the end. I wish he had found her on the Carpathia [the ship that rescued those who didn’t drown or die from hypothermia] and was able to right his wrongs.”


He also added: “The world is divided into two kinds. When [women] were younger they were like, ‘How could you do that to Jack?’ And when they grow up they [now say to me], ‘What was Rose thinking?’” Hmm. We’re not sure if we agree.

Regardless, Zane told the Huffington Post earlier this year that, while he might see some of the good in Cal, he still gets a lot of heat for that role. “‘You’re the asshole from Titanic.’ That one I get a lot, which is really nice. Nice to meet people that way.” Ouch.

We appreciate the sentiment, Cal, but we still think Rose made the right call. Jack and Rose foreva.


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