Caitlyn Jenner just celebrated her legal gender and name change in a subtle but beautiful way

This past June, the world was introduced to Caitlyn Jenner via one of the best magazine covers in the history of ever. The world spent this summer celebrating this wonderful woman, but what many people didn’t know was that legally both her name and her gender remained male. As People reports, that all changed this Friday, when a judge approved Caitlyn’s request to be legally declared a woman (she had filed the paperwork for this request a couple weeks earlier). Her name is now legally Caitlyn Marie Jenner and she is now recognized, in the eyes of the law, as a woman.

This calls for some celebration, and Caitlyn Jenner commemorated this milestone as one does in this modern age- with a perfect Instagram.

We’re guessing someone who loves Cait sent her flowers to congratulate her on the occasion of her legal recognition. And, of course, we love the significance of her legal name being on her Starbucks cup. It’s such a simple, every day thing, but this must be a huge moment for Caitlyn, to finally see her true name being used everywhere from her legal docs to her pumpkin spice latte (or whatever she ordered, but really, doesn’t Caitlyn strike you as a pumpkin spice kind of gal?)

We’re so glad Caitlyn now gets to be Caitlyn legally. We wish her a lifetime of happiness and her favorite Starbucks drinks.


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