Caitlyn Jenner and Kate Middleton wore the same dress and they BOTH wore it best

In 2010, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and part-time tiara wearer, wore a royal blue Issa London wrap-dress at the announcement of her engagement to Prince William. In 2015, last Thursday in fact, Caitlyn Jenner wore the same style of dress in a slightly different color. Even though both women look absolutely stunning and live in free countries where they can pretty much wear whatever they feel best expresses themselves, the Internet is trying to turn their similar fashion choice into a “Who Wore It Best?” duel.

“Who Wore It Best?” is an ancient pastime, probably invented by cave-people around the same time humans started wearing loincloths. The idea is to compare two women (let’s face it; it’s almost always women) and choose which one is “better.” There’s an allure to “Who Wore It Best” because it gives readers a false sense of power. It’s like saying, “Here are these two famous, fabulous people. Feel free to judge them.”

Is that really how we want to treat women? By putting pictures of Caitlyn Jenner and Kate Middleton side-by-side and asking “Who Wore It Best?,” the Internet is basically saying, “How many flaws can you find on both of these ladies?” Pitting women – women’s appearances – against each other is just plain silly. A person’s value doesn’t lie in her hair or her heels or how awesome she rocks a wrap-dress.

Both women wore that outfit with confidence and an inner beauty that shines through their charity, philanthropy, and love for their families. Obviously, they BOTH wore it best.

Why does it have to be “Cait vs. Kate?” Why can’t the headline be, “Today is an awesome day for Kates and Caits everywhere!”

Some websites are sharing a link to the Issa London store, where a very limited number of the dress is still available. Buy it, and “you too can join in the faceoff,” People jokes. Just a quick reminder: You are not what you wear. You are not what Kate Middleton wears. You are not what Caitlyn Jenner wears. If you want to wear a royal blue wrap-dress, a giant engagement ring, and a tiara, you are still you.

Maybe it’s time to stop asking “Who Wore It Best,” and start shouting “You Wore It Best!” Who’s with me?

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