Happy tears: Kylie Jenner’s first moments bonding with Caitlyn

Caitlyn Jenner’s journey — her interview with Diane Sawyer, her transition, her Vanity Fair spread, her new show — has received tons of support from strangers, friends, and her family members. Even though her family has been totally supportive, it hasn’t been easy for everyone — which completely makes sense. Her transition is a change for everyone in her family, not just Jenner.

One of her family members in particular who wasn’t quite ready to talk about her feelings when news first broke was Kylie, the youngest Jenner.

When the news broke about her dad, Kylie tweeted this:

She was basically asking for space to deal with her feelings in private, which is totally understandable. Everyone handles situations differently, and Kylie just wasn’t ready to talk about it publicly. She also wasn’t quite ready meet Caitlyn in person yet.

But in a new clip for I am Cait, Kylie surprises Caitlyn and her grandmother with a visit. In the clip, Kylie admits that she wanted to wait to meet Caitlyn face to face until she felt they were both ready. “I do want to meet her, but I think it’ll be a little uncomfortable in the beginning,” she says. “But I think we’re both ready.”

Kylie seems genuinely happy for Caitlyn and makes things less awkward by greeting her with a, “Hey pretty!” and a big hug. While we are sure that Kylie and Caitlyn have had their private moments together, it’s nice to see how supportive of each other they are — even in a situation that might have been difficult and new.

Here’s the clip from I am Cait of Kylie meeting Caitlyn for the first time. It’s moving, it’s very powerful, and it has us eager to see more of Caitlyn’s story when the series airs this Sunday night.

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