This startup is trying to fund a bracelet that would inject caffeine right into your body all day

Say goodbye to your post-coffee crash and sayonara to afternoon grogginess! A start up in Toronto has invented the Joule bracelet, which administers caffeine to the wearer in a steady stream throughout the day. To explain more about how the Joule works (and to show off some pretty sweet dance moves), they created a hilarious video.


Basically, this bracelet has a patch that slowly gives you a steady dose of caffeine through your skin throughout the day. This avoids the inevitable coffee breath and all the other pitfalls a regular large cup of coffee can get you into.

Like when you want to drink it as you run on a treadmill while wearing your favorite large silk bow but it’s spilling everywhere and making you rethink whether or not you’ll be able to qualify for the next Olympics after all.


You know, a totally average morning.

Between silly vignettes, the Joule inventors make it clear this is just a way of more efficiently getting caffeine and is not meant to replace your beloved morning latte. It just makes it easier to get your fix without many of the inconveniences and side effects of regular coffee.


Check out their funding page and watch their delightful video for yourself to learn more.