Caffeinated peanut butter is a thing that is real

There are two types of humans in the world — humans who can’t get through a day without caffeine and humans who avoid caffeine at all costs. There’s really nothing in between. You’re either a caffeine addict or you’re not. So for those of you who fall into the category of caffeine-aholic, you’re in for a treat. A creamy, peanut butter treat. We’re totally serious here: Caffeinated peanut butter is now a thing.

Caffeinated peanut butter goes by the name STEEM, and according to STEEM’s website, it’s “designed to provide a consistent release of sustained energy and the naturally slow digestion of peanut butter is the key to that. STEEM delivers protein, electrolytes, and caffeine, granting you hours of endurance and focus, and freeing you from distractions like hunger and fatigue.”

The peanut butter is made with natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners and has the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. So it’s probably not a wise midnight snack.

Chis Pettazzoni, one of the creators of STEEM, told Mashable that the caffeinated PB is a solid substitute for coffee. “We messed around with the recipe off and on for a year or so,” Pettazzoni said. “The release of energy was so much better from the PB that I stopped drinking coffee completely.”

So far, STEEM is available for purchase at various stores in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, as well as on STEEM’s website for $4.99.

One thing they make very clear — do NOT give it to animals. As adorable as it is to give dogs peanut butter (and as much as they love it), caffeine is extremely dangerous for animals. But it works out, because more for you!

No word on whether they’ll be making a caffeinated jelly. That would be one seriously caffeinated PB&J.

Time for peanut butter chocolate cookies, lovers!

Ode to peanut butter, world’s most perfect food

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