This café charges men 18% more to raise awareness for the gender pay gap

There have been many attempts in recent years to raise awareness about the gender pay gap, but we don’t think there has ever been a restaurant solely built around this social issue. That is, until now. As CNN reports, a new Australian café is charging men more — 18% more — to reflect the gender pay gap that exists between men and women in Australia. Of course, the Melbourne-based coffee shop and vegan restaurant is causing some controversy for their bold stance, but we’re loving the message that Handsome Her is sending.

An Australian government report found that the gender pay gap for average full-time salaries in the country is 17.7%, and Handsome Her doesn’t think that’s acceptable. (In the U.S., the Pew Research Center found the gap to be 17% in 2015.) But it must be noted that this extra charge isn’t required — it’s actually a donation that’s only in place one week out of a month. Plus, the donation requested of men goes to charities that aid women.

As the café’s manager, Belle Ngien, told CNN:

"All we really wanted was to raise awareness and start conversations about the gender gap."

While people may protest this extra charge, no one has declined to pay it yet. And, as Ngien pointed out, since they mostly serve coffee, 18% isn’t going to break the bank. “Eighteen percent is actually not a lot. Our coffee is $4, and 18% of that is 72 cents,” Ngien said.

Plus, Handsome Her’s drinks look pretty delicious.

The whole café also has a female-friendly vibe with period-themed art on the walls. ???

Although Handsom Her’s policy seems divisive, it’s all about promoting gender equality through awareness. That, plus a cup of coffee? We’re in.

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