Cadbury Screme Eggs are real and deliciously important

It’s the middle of September so that means Halloween candy is out, because, duh. We’d graciously take Halloween candy all year round if it was acceptable, so two months full of nothing but delicious sweet candy goodness filling the aisles of our local stores is perfect. Next time you head to the store, be sure to be on the lookout for one small egg shaped candy item. There are Halloween-themed Cadbury Eggs, you guys.

Know how you can only get the creme filled Cadbury Eggs around Easter time? NOT ANYMORE. It looks like these have actually been out for a while, so WHY did no one tells us beforehand?? Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the BEST THINGS about Easter candy, and they only fill the shelves in the springtime. That means we end up waiting sometimes 11 months before we can get our hands on more Creme Eggs. With this new discovery, though, we won’t have to wait that long.

Just like regular Creme Eggs, the Screme Eggs (wordplay!) are chocolate shells with creme on the inside. But now, the creme has been tinted green because, Halloween. Don’t let the new color fool you, because according to research (taste testing) everything still checks out A-OK. And that means we don’t have to wait through all of Fall, and all of Winter, to get our hands on these wonderful creations. We can do so right now. Twitter is excited and we totally get it.

So far, for this Halloween season, the Screme Egg is our most important discovery. There’s still another month and a half left for something else to come along and bump the Screme Egg out of the top spot, but not likely.

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[Images via Twitter and Hershey’s]

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