Are Cadbury Creme Eggs disgusting or delicious? The debate rages on

‘Tis the season for the greatest culinary debate of our lives: Are Cadbury Creme Eggs delicious or disgusting? I’ll let you know from the jump that I’m staunchly anti-Egg. As far as I’m concerned, Cadbury is ruining perfectly good chocolate by filling it with that offensive mystery goop.

I’ve hated Creme Eggs for as long as I can remember. As a kid who celebrated Easter, I found that the best Easter candy was always the biggest and right at top of the basket. The gigantic and politely-hollow chocolate bunny was the centerpiece, reigning over all the other candy with those dead, vacant eyes. In its congregation were sugary mainstays like Fun Dip or Candy Buttons, which were not only delicious but palate-cleansing. A few non-edible toys rounded out the arrangement. And at the bottom of the basket came the worst candy of all: Cadbury Creme Eggs (and some loose Jelly Beans), both buried within all that plasticy faux grass. And that decorative astro turf always got caught up in the Creme Egg’s foil, which was always partially unwrapped. They were the OG tampons unwrapping at the bottom of your purse.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I bother digging them out if I hated them so much? Well, my brother loved them. And if could pull enough of them together, I could arrange a trade for some of his more edible candy. He loved those hellishly creamy centers, and I never understood it, thus the debate over Cadbury Creme Eggs has been a lifelong one for me. But as much as I hated their existence, I could never deny their value.

The moment I see someone peeling back that iconic foil, childhood-me starts to gag. But there’s a whole slew of Egg-enthusiasts who stock up on Creme Eggs and parse them out through the year. So when it comes to the Cadbury Egg Debate, which side are you on?

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