Cadbury chocolate-covered Oreos are already giving us a sugar high

Honestly, we don’t need an excuse to indulge in a million Oreos. We could eat them at every meal, at any time of day, and in any flavor. Whether we’re dipping them in our iced coffee or sharing them with friends, Oreos make our lives sweeter — literally.

For all the chocolate junkies out there, we have some good news about your favorite cookie. Cadbury chocolate-covered Oreos exist, and we’re ready and willing to eat them all. And, ya know, suffer from the sugar high we’ll inevitably get while we’re at it. The only downside to this delicious treat is that it’s only available in Australia.

Next time you’re torn about which sweet treat to eat when you need a pick-me-up, may we suggest turning to these double trouble, Cadbury chocolate-covered Oreos?

Not only will you get the satisfying crunch of a cookie, you’ll get all the Cadbury chocolate you want at the same time. These are literally Oreos just dunked in chocolate, manifesting all of our dreams and cravings in one sweet cookie.

While some say that this is too much chocolate, or too sweet, or something of that nature, we only have one thing to say about that:

We say, if you try hard enough, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate (unless you have a food allergy, of course — then you do you!). But really, just looking at these cookies is giving us some major FOMO, and is leaving us wondering about how much it costs to actually go to Australia…

While we don’t know when, or if, these will be making their debut stateside, we’re crossing our fingers they do ASAP.