Caboodle Your Adult Life

Did you guys ever have Caboodles growing up? I sure did. I mean, where else was I supposed to keep my pogs, Lisa Frank stickers, turquoise eye shadow, Lip Smackers lip balm, scrunchies and the loose buttons that I felt guilty throwing away? With all of the different sized compartments, every little thing that I adored was given a home. A cozy, yet portable home. You could get your very own Caboodle by entering the giveaway below!

My Caboodle was like a hard-shelled purse. Meaning, I couldn’t leave the house without it. I know I’m not alone here. Remember how important Dina’s makeup was to her on Salute Your Shorts? She kept it all in her precious pink case.

Caboodles were a symbol of the 90s and of girlhood, for me. But it doesn’t mean that Caboodles are making a comeback, because really, they never left the cool-scene. It’s not just for makeup, nostalgic toys, or nail polish, (although all three uses are highly recommended). Caboodles can be life-long companions. Can you think of any point in your life during which you didn’t or wouldn’t have small items that could use a good organizin’? Didn’t think so. And just because I’m older (a proud lady child) doesn’t mean I can’t be stylishly organized.

I’ve collected many-a-polish over the years. My nail polish currently resides in the cabinet under my bathroom sink. There’s a box, a very messy box, that holds most of them. Mainly the ones that I spent less than $3.00 on and don’t have the heart to throw away. (They chip aggressively, they fade quickly, and still, I am loyal. WHY?) The ones that I use in regular rotation are lined up on the bottom shelf. I feel like this system is perfect for when I need a quick touch up. Not so great for when I need anything that sits behind them on the shelf.

THEN, today I received this pretty little lass.

Gone are the days of crashing bottles with brightly colored polish. My cheap little pals can hang out in the bottom of this case, my tools can post up in the pouch inside the top and my faithful faves can sit safely in the removable tray. Right where I can get immediate access, if needed.

And I never grew out of the button phase. You never know when you’ll need to replace one. Miscellaneous buttons fit nicely in one of the corner slots on the bottom, in case you were wondering. They don’t really fit in with the polish, but they don’t really fit in anywhere, do they? #outfitoutcasts

Now I just need a Caboodle in every room. Lookin’ at you, spice rack and random condiment packets! And at you, bobby pins, hair things and sample beauty products!

More deets on the case, to help you plan your Caboodle occupants –

  • Available at most mass retailers
  • Holds 24 bottles of nail polish
  • Removable tray that easily holds your manicure accessories

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What would you put in your Caboodle?

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