Cabbage Patch Kid cars and other things we STILL want from this 1985 “Wish Book” catalog

The other night my friend Gabe bestowed upon me an amazing gift. Now, it wasn’t a surprise, he’d texted me about it weeks ago, but it was a surprise at this given moment. He gave me seven gigantic “wish books” from the late ’80s/early ’90s. Just like my business cards say, I’m a ’90s idealist and I was STOKED about this gift. They’re quite heavy and quite amazing. So I thought for TBT this week I’d take a look through the one from 1985, yes, thirty years ago, and see what treasures I could find.

I was AS excited as this girl to open this. Please note, this book had to be purchased for $2 at the time.

The books are part Christmas wish lists, part SkyMall. So you’ve got kids’ toys, lots of clothes and also confusing electronics and home goods.

Tbh, I’m not convinced this model isn’t just a mannequin butttttttt this outfit is what’s in my mind as “80s.”

GET ME TO THIS SLUMBER PARTY ASAP! This is 100% a color palette I can get down with and all I have ever wanted out of a slumber party is contained within this image.

The car bed thing I think I’ve seen at Ikea recently and I am dying to know what this girl thinks she’s working out in that contraption.

Unlike this two page spread on Mary Lou Retton which is obviously a legit workout. It is funny how every little girl wanted to be a gymnast in the ’80s and ’90s. Does that still happen?

My friend, while looking at this with me, remarked that this girl in the red dress could be me. And, it definitely could be. Here’s me in 1985:

Anyway – speaking of kids who could be me…

Above is me in 1986. Andddd scene.

THESE SLIPPERS. I had some of those bottom right ones with the Ugg boot material inside and some of the cartoon ones with socks on the top. So great. Desperate for them now.

Would sleep in any of these, enough said.

I just cannot handle the joy these guys are experiencing. Could you imagine a clothing ad like this in 2015???? This is amazing!

And the final installment of this wish book is…this ad for computer wonderland. I love this.

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