Bed Bath & Beyond’s amazing return policy is ending — Abbi and Ilana will freak

Broad City fans, pour one out tonight for one of the show’s greatest supporting characters: Bed Bath & Beyond. The lifestyle emporium is changing its return policy, marking a huge loss for retail fanatics everywhere.

BB&B’s former return policy, for those of you who don’t obsessively hoard the store’s catalogues and coupons, is almost unheard of in the retail world — even without a receipt, customers could return items for an exchange or full price in-store credit. While this obviously left the door open for fraud, it also served both customers and the chain itself: Customers didn’t have to worry about a receipt (a problem if the item was a gift, or you’re anything short of meticulously organized), while BB&B reaped the rewards of customer goodwill and over-store credit purchases. If you watch Broad City, you know that Abbi and Ilana danced in this flood of good fortune.

Under the new policy, which takes effect on April 20, returns without receipts will only be eligible for 80% of store credit. Granted, that’s still a very generous store policy (most places don’t take any returns without receipts, period), but BB&B’s return policy was just part of the reason why it’s a retail unicorn for bargain hunters. But honestly, no matter what they do with their other policies, as long as they keep their amazing, non-expiring coupons, we’re good.

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