Buzz from “Home Alone” looks totally different now

In 1990, Buzz McCallister was the quintessential bullyish older brother to our hero, young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) in the classic film Home Alone. The budding teenager was the ringleader to the family members berating Kevin before he’s ultimately forgotten on their family vacation to Paris. Twenty-six years later, we barely recognize the Devin Ratray who played Buzz in the iconic film and its 1992 sequel. Good Housekeeping points out that Ratray is now 39 years-old and is still acting! In addition to appearing the Home Alone films, Ratray also appears in Nebraska and Masterminds.

This is what Ratray looks like now:


In honor of the 25th anniversary of the film’s release last year, Ratray spoke with Bustle about his experience working on the iconic film. Of his relationship with the cast Ratray said:

"We all got along rather well and got closer and closer during film was long hours but there were a lot of funny takes, and we were happy and lucky to be there.

On working with someone as famous as Culkin, Ratray said, “He seemed totally at ease though and almost relieved when he was on set with us. He could actually just continue to be himself and continue to be a little kid without any scrutiny or cameras or anything.”


In the 25 years since its release, Home Alone, along with its sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York have become holiday classics, airing numerous times throughout the holiday season. On how the film resonated with its audience, Ratray said, “People felt a familial relationship with me when they would see me on the street…they truly felt like I’d been in their homes during some of the most quiet, intimate Christmas mornings of their lives.”

We know we love the Home Alone films and watch them at least once every year. We’re dying to know, how many times a day does Ratray hear, “Buzz! Your girlfriend. Woof!”

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