Should I buy a wide-brim hat?

Like many humans, we often ponder the eternal question in fashion and finances and life choices: Should I buy this? We wonder if the thing worth it and if we can really really “pull it off.” Fashion can make us stressed out and nervous. Fashion with a capital “F” can seem intimidating and exclusive. Like a club only a select few are allowed to join and really really enjoy — but that’s not something we’re about here. So, we decided to hash out all these feelings in HG’s newest column, “Should I Buy This?” Every other week we’ll embrace and try new things together! We’ll be fearless and playful! And we’ll celebrate fashion in a not-so-serious, honest way. Here goes.

So, I’ve been longingly admiring wide-brim hats from afar for awhile. The kind you’ve probably spotted a cool girl wearing, paired with a loose white-tee and high-waisted Levis. She was maybe at a Bob Dylan cover band concert, and she knew all the words to “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.” And she was wearing that dark wide-brim hat and looked so elusive, giving off a Zorro vibe that made you realize a wide-brim hat is all you’ve ever really wanted in life. Maybe you had a slightly different experience, but the point is, I am coveting a hat like this in the worst way.

Because, besides their infinite coolness, wide-brimmed hats are the perfect fall accessory. They protect your face from that unworldly-end-of-summer sunshine, they provide warmth for your ears, and they easily polish off any outfit without much effort or thought.

But I’m scared of wearing them! Hats are intimidating! They make us feel like we’re the only humans in the world who can’t pull off hats even though that’s so very not true. Hats make us wonder if only certain people are allowed to wear hats, and that’s just bonkers. And that’s because hats can be worn by everyone —and here is where I slip on my fairy godmother wings and say that you just have to believe in yourself (myself included). And you also just have to find one that is perfect for you, and I’ve done some research.

The beauty of hats is that they can enhance any look, whether you’re dressing down or up. See this girl and her sky blue shirtdress and black lace-up flats? She looks wonderful and put together in an authentic, whimsical way I love.

But if you have a wedding to attend, or a birthday party on the rooftop of a fancy brick apartment and you can’t just show up in a t-shirt because there will totally be paper lanterns and Mason jars? You can wear your favorite dress and top it off with a wide-brim hat. Perfect.  

And lest we forget, a hat serves the brilliant purpose of keeping us warm on top of keeping us stylish. Your favorite leather jacket + a super cozy scarf + a bold fedora = All the yes.

Are you sold on the wide-brim hat? Do you love it fiercely, like you’ve never loved anything as fiercely as this bold, bold hat? If so, here’s where to start.


Lariat Band Floppy Hat, $19.90, Forever 21


Wide-brimmed felt hat with leather band, $69.50, J. Crew

And if you want to splurge:

‘Dunaway’ Wool Hat, $195, rag & bone

(Images via United Artists,Forever 21, J.Crew, rag & bone)