You can buy locks of Marilyn Monroe’s hair, and we don’t know how to feel about it

We love Marilyn. Who doesn’t? She was one of the most iconic stars ever to exist (and will even be reimagined soon in her goddess-like glory).

Well, now there’s a pretty special gift you can get for whoever in your life may have loved the star.

You can buy locks of her actual hair.


According to an article in People, the rare finds are available thanks to her former hair dresser. Apparently, she kept them after one of Marilyn’s haircuts and they’ve been protected by an ultra-violet case for over fifty years. Which means they’re not only authentic, but they’re in good shape in case you wanted to, you know, try and grow more of them (or whatever you might do with the actress’ hair).

And while it may seem like a sweet thing to collect if you really love her, we’re not completely sure Marilyn would love the thought of it.


The hair (which is expected to sell for between $6,000 and $8,000) will only be some of the fascinating Marilyn-themed collectibles that will be going up for auction in November in Los Angeles.

Superfans of the star will be thrilled by not only the range but also the number of items that will be made available. There will be bits and pieces of both Marilyn’s person life and, well, Marilyn herself (if, of course, you snag those famous locks). Hopefully seeing all the bits together it’ll be a reminder that she was a really fascinating and complicated person (even though we obviously still love seeing her as an icon).