You can buy home goods from Zara on this website, and how did we not know about this before?

We’ve got something in store for all of you Zara obsessed folks! Apparently, the Spanish clothing retailer has an entire separate site that you can purchase Zara home goods from. Because, why wouldn’t you want your home decor to match your already sleek wardrobe?

Instead of trying to make sense of why we’re just now getting hip to their home offerings, we perused the site to see what we’ve been missing! And OMG, have we been completely out of the loop. The site not only features the greatest linens and home decorations we’ve ever seen, but it even carries sleepwear too!

Zara just elevated our way of life to an entire new level.


Shop their SS17 Lingerie Collection, here!

And the bedroom decor is to die for!


Loving this set as much as we do? Shop the look, here!

Um, our mermaid dreams are coming true.


Get us this amazing sea-floor inspired tablecloth (AND the napkins AND the sea urchin bowls) right here!.

And oh, does it get better!

The site is currently having a mid season sale, and we came across a ton of goodies that range from 25-50 percent off. Do yourselves a favor and extend your spending limits on all of your credit cards, because you’re going to need the wiggle room.

Better late than never, right?

We know how we’re going to spend the rest of our weekend… Upgrading our humble abodes with some of the most fashionable home decor we’ve ever laid our eyes on, of course. Because, duh.