You can buy Harry Potter’s Hogwarts letter, so start pooling your money

Still wondering about the status of your Hogwarts letter? Maybe it’s still out there, taking its sweet time arriving at in your mailbox (or chimney). In the meantime, while we wait, we can at least get our hands on the Hogwarts letter that started it all. How would you like to own Harry Potter’s official — and first — Hogwarts letter?

Auction site Prop Store is about to put the OG letter up on its site to be sold to the highest bidder. It is the real deal, too, and is the actual letter and envelope used during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone — it is even addressed to Harry by way of the cupboard under the stairs.

According to Prop Store, this envelope “features an actual red wax Hogwarts seal rather than the many printed envelopes that were also used in the scene.” It’s also never been opened, seeing as how it’s still sealed shut. Obviously the first thing we’re going to do once finding the money to purchase this and actually winning it in the auction is OPEN THIS THING UP. Then convince ourselves that this is our one, true Hogwarts letter, even though it is clearly addressed to Harry. I think he’d be OK with us using his acceptance letter to get into Hogwarts ourselves.

Now, just how much is this little piece of joy going to cost you? The opening bid for it is £2,000, but Prop Store believes it’ll sell for upwards of £4,000. That’s about $6,000. Or, roughly 1,247 Galleons, 7 Sickles, and 26 Knuts.

Or, you could save that money, and make a lot of faux-Hogwarts letters, and then have your friends dump them on your head to recreate the infamous letter scene at the Dursleys. YOUR CALL.

(Images via Warner Bros. and Giphy.)

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