The wait is over! You can actually buy Crystal Pepsi this summer

There are a lot of treats from the ’90s that we no longer get to delight in regularly. And while some of them you can still find on occasion (and end up putting yourself in a food coma because you eat an entire bag of Bugles when you find one to make up for the years you went without having any), many of the most quintessential throwback foods and drinks of your childhood are gone forever.

Or at least are gone until someone decides they need to come back. Because that’s exactly what happened with Crystal Pepsi, which will be making a triumphant comeback this summer.

Yes, Crystal Pepsi is avail to buy beginning the first week of August!

Pepsi announced it on their Twitter in the most perfectly retro way possible. false

From shot outs to terrible bowl cuts, Tamagotchi, dial-up Internet connections, and early digital graphics all set to the “Whoomp! There it is” song, it’s a video that wholly encapsulates everything the ’90s were.

And it already makes us thirsty for one of the most fun-looking drinks in existence at the time, Crystal Pepsi. Not only because we miss drinking the visually delightful drink, but also because Pepsi has brilliantly created an Oregon Trail-style interactive game called “The Crystal Pepsi Trail” that will make it so we get to play along (starting July 7) online with every Crystal Pepsi purchased.

Everything about this announcement is a delightful mix between hilarity and nostalgia. Even their official launch video online is hysterical. It features a janitor finding a secret 92nd floor of a building where the ’90s are alive and well and Crystal Pepsi is a’plenty. It’s completely living up to the Pepsi theme at the time, “The Joy of Pepsi.”

Luckily for us, we no longer have to wait that long connection time to immediately get on top of all the fun this totally tubular campaign offers.

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