For just a couple million, you can own the house Angelina Jolie grew up in

Early last month, rare footage of Angelina Jolie at an acting class 15 years ago surfaced on the Internet.  It was from the year 2000 when Angelina was only 25, and all of us totally melted because it was so good and Angelina was so passionate and so great at what she does. The clip allowed us to see a young Angelina in her early acting days between Girl, Interrupted and Gone In 60 Seconds. And now, there’s another way we can get to know the award-winning actress and amazing human: by buying her childhood home. That is, if anyone’s got an extra $2 million in their bank account.

Here’s a little bit of background on this famous house. So, back in the ’80s, Angelina lived with her brother and her mother in a beautiful estate in Palisades, New York. The house, which was built in 1958, is 4,088 acres and sits comfortably on two acres of land and was “designed for a descendant of one of America’s most important ‘art’ families,” according to the listing. And, yeah, it’s about as gorgeous and picturesque as you’d expect.

The home was sold in February for $1.2 million before being flipped for a whopping $2.05 million. But hey, owning a serious part of Angelina’s childhood will naturally come with a steep price tag. (After all, what if she gets nostalgic and wants to visit her ’80s home? OMG OMG OMG.)

Just picture Angelina practicing her monologues in her childhood bedroom! Having breakfast with her family in the kitchen! Honestly, I don’t know how the future owner of this house will ever get anything done, because I’d be too busy thinking to myself, “OMG ANGELINA STEPPED IN THIS VERY SPOT LIKE A MILLION TIMES.”

Anyway, if you’re interested in the practicalities of actually owning this house instead of just pure fangirling, the listing reads:

Sounds perfect. Sold! (Hey, BTW, can you loan me $2 mil? Thanks.)

(Images via Shutterstock, Twitter)

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