Your beloved Butterfinger is getting a makeover in 2019, and it actually sounds amazing

Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger…unless they’re going to make it even more delicious than it already is. In 2019, Butterfinger is changing its recipe and packaging, but from the way these changes sound, it seems like this might actually be a change for the better for the beloved chocolate bar.

We know, we know—it’s hard to imagine a classic candy bar changing at all, but it does sound like this new Butterfinger will be even more delicious. According to a press release from the brand (via Thrillist), Butterfinger is upping the quality of the candy’s ingredients for the first time in over a decade. Not only will the new Butterfinger be made with more milk and cocoa in its chocolate coating, but it will also be made with “carefully selected,” U.S.-grown peanuts. And the company is ditching hydrogenated oils, which means it’ll be more natural, too.

And as for the packaging? You’ll find that it’s a sleeker, brighter version of the OG—unless you’re super into the nostalgia factor of the old-school wrapper. This seems to be another positive change, especially since the new wrapper is made with two layers to ensure even more freshness.

“We conducted research to understand the evolving taste and texture preferences of those who love confections and candy bars,” Butterfinger’s press release said. “The better Butterfinger is the result of our dedication to make this beloved product even better.”

According to Business Insider, which conducted a new vs. old Butterfinger taste test, the new recipe is far superior to the old. “The new Butterfinger keeps the iconic texture while slightly dialing back on the sweetness and ratcheting up the peanut flavor for a more complex treat,” she site found.

The candy bars featuring the new recipe and packaging will be available everywhere beginning February 2019. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the new Butterfinger compares to the old, but we have a feeling we’re in for something a lot yummier.