“Butt glitter” just may be the next big summer thing

Okay, so we’ve seen all kinds of awesome glitter over the years, and for obvious reasons we are BIG FANS. And we just heard that the new coolest way to wear glitter is on your…butt.

No, really! Glitter enthusiast and artist Mia Kennington knows what’s up. She’s one of the artists for The Gypsy Shrine, a UK-based glitter shop, and she was inspired by her love of beachy, sandy derriéres.

And we’ve gotta say, this is cool stuff. The placement of the glitter inherently makes it kinda out there, but also it’s SO  fun and carefree.

Courtesy of fellow Gypsy Shrine artist Sophia Moreno, here’s another model with full-on “glitter butt” flaunting her stuff.

"Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty."

We not-so-secretly think we could get on board with this trend. Like wearing a vibrant manicure or bold lip, glitter is one of those feel-good things that exists for the sole purpose of making us feel amazing. And who doesn’t love a little sparkle?


The caption is appropriate: “FRIDAY FEELING. GET SPARKLY!”

If you’re feeling inspired to dip into that glitter pot, know that it can get a teensy bit messy — but glitter gel and setting spray are also your friend, because the end result is killer. And although it might feel like the glitter will be on your backside forever, it comes off with oil-based makeup remover.

You never know, you might get REALLY into glitter, and that would make sense because it can be applied pretty much anywhere (and if you’re on the fence about this particular trend, it always looks awesome in hair).

Happy Friday, and happy glittering!

H/T: Cosmopolitan.com