The Way Busy Philipps Teaches Her Kids About Wellness Makes So Much Sense

"I think the secret with kids is leading by example."

For actress Busy Philipps, no role will ever be more important than “mom.” The Girls5eva star shares kids Birdie Leigh Silverstein, age 12, and Cricket Pearl Silverstein, age 7, with film producer and husband of nearly 15 years Marc Silverstein. Like the rest of the world, Philipps and her family have experienced a lot of ups and downs within the last few years, but as with everything else she’s endured, wellness has always been at the forefront of her decision making—an intention she hopes to pass on to her two kids. 

“I make a concerted effort to be aware of how I talk about diet and exercise around them [her kids]—like, what my intention and goals are with those things,” the mom revealed in her June cover story for Health magazine, published on May 12th. Which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense. How many times are our thoughts surrounding food and working out misconstrued or influenced by the people in our own home?

Silverstein’s partnership and mental health positivity make leading by example and having those “tougher” conversations, especially with the children, that much easier. “We talk about therapy in our house and never shy away from hard conversations,” she continued, quickly adding that their openness isn’t a parental tactic to become BFFs with their kids. Rather, Philipps wants Birdie and Cricket to watch firsthand how their parents’ words and actions exemplify the values and things that are important to them.

“You can tell your kids to stand up for what’s right until you’re blue in the face. If they don’t see you doing it, they never will,” she said. 

This comes through in the way Philipps talks about women reproductive rights, human rights, the environment, LGTBQ+ community, mental health, and overall wellness—all topics she hopes to bring awareness to in her own household, and of course, via social media.

Emily Weaver
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