Busy Philipps wants you to vote for this super feminist reason, and if her words don’t inspire you, her shirt will

We truly, sincerely hope you know that TODAY IS ELECTION DAY. If you didn’t, celebs like feminist actress Busy Philipps is here to remind you. And she’s doing so for this super feminist reason. In a beautifully written Instagram post, Philipps explained the feminist reason you should vote today, and we’re seriously cheering her on. She’s such a rockstar!

Busy isn’t messing around when it comes to voting. She wrote,

"I'm very serious about this. We can not let this horrible RACIST SEXIST XENOPHOBIC DANGEROUS man become president tomorrow. I understand Hillary is problematic for some- she's not for me but I get it. But what will be SUPER PROBLEMATIC is if Donald Trump is elected president of the United States."


She continued,

"We can not wake up Nov 9 and think 'oh no. I should have done more...' Please VOTE. If you're thinking of a 3rd party or a protest vote, I ask you to reconsider."


Why shouldn’t you vote third party? She explains,

"When I was in Canada, everyone asked me if I would be moving there on Nov 9 if Trump wins and my answer was this: Of course I won't be moving to Canada. Because if Hillary Clinton's career has shown us anything, it should be that when things get tough, you don't cash in and leave, you dig in and fight harder for the future you believe in. #imwithher #obviously"


She ended her message, saying,

"Also. I'm gonna disable the comments here cause we've all had enough fighting to last us a lifetime. If you don't agree with me, that's cool, just keep scrolling, my sweet friends! ✌🏻"

We’re definitely hearing her out.

Plus, we found wear to get that super feminist tee, obv.


We don’t even need to explain the significance of this “grab ’em by the p*ssy” tee. You can get this limited edition tee, simply called “The Donald,” at Femininitees for $25!

Happy voting, friends!

And shout out to Busy Philipps for this feminist statement. 

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