Busy Philipps went to the ER after sunburning her eyes, and it sounds horrifying

File this under the “things we didn’t know existed and are now scared of” category. Actress Busy Philipps recently shared that she was experiencing debilitating eye pain, only to find out that she had a temporary condition known as photokeratitis, aka eyeball sunburn. OUCH.

On Monday, March 20th, Philipps got real with her fans on Insta, writing that after a day on a photoshoot she felt like her eyes had “shards of glass” in them. After the intense pain didn’t disappear on its own, the actress headed to the ER to get an expert’s opinion.

From there, she was diagnosed with photokeratitis, which is caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays on your corneas. It’s a condition common among welders and others in professions that require exposure to extreme light…or just not wearing sunglasses on an all-day outdoor shoot.

Philipps announced the news on Instagram via an *uncomfortable*-looking photo.


"I sunburned my eyes from my photo shoot today," she said on Instagram Stories, according to Entertainment Tonight. "I was just saying though it’s so on-brand I get one big magazine cover and I do one photo shoot and I burn my eyeballs."

Fans were quick to point out that with proper care, the condition usually clears up quickly. Phew. And Philipps said she’ll tell the full story on her podcast, “We’re No Doctors,” which she runs with her friend Steve Agee.

Oh, and just a day before her diagnosis, Philipps posted about another ailment, asking for advice about a rash that was forming under her eye.


Feel better soon, Busy! Now excuse us while we go find our darkest pair of sunglasses and then never take them off ever again.