Busy Philipps revealed her most embarrassing moment as a mom

Busy Philipps’ is one of the realest, most candid celebrities around. And this week, in an interview with People.com, Busy Philipps revealed her most embarrassing moment as a mom. And it’s something that most mothers can likely relate to (heck…all of us can likely relate to).

Philipps is the mom to two hilarious and adorable girls, nine-year-old Birdie and four-year-old Cricket. She recounted a time when she brought Cricket to school in a rainbow-colored dress, only to be told by the principle that it was “White Outfit Day.” Because of course it was.

She said:

“I was like, ‘I’m so sorry, of course it’s today! I left [her outfit] at home, I’ll be right back.' And I ran to Target and I bought white leggings and a white Hanes little boys’ T-shirt, and I ran back and I was like, ‘Here’s her white outfit!’ It was embarrassing.


We get it, girl. Life is hectic — even for celebs. Philipps also got super real about how emotional she can be. She told a story about being pregnant with Cricket and driving to go pick up some food she ordered from a restaurant in Beverly Hills.


Philipps said she was being followed by paparazzi and she started bawling. So she was driving, crying, and then also shielding her face with her hand in the window, which made it look like she was talking on her cell phone while driving. So much so that a cop actually pulled her over.


“He was like, ‘Why were you crying?’ I’m like, ‘Because I’m nine months pregnant and the paparazzi are following me,’ and he was like, ‘Why would paparazzi be following you?’ I was like, ‘Seriously?! Now you’re negging me?!’”

LOL Busy, we love you. Please never stop being you.