Busy Philipps wore her mom’s wedding dress to brunch (and it was surprisingly chill)

There’s bound to be an emotional reaction when a mother sees her daughter wearing her wedding dress — and there was, only Busy Philipps didn’t wear the wedding dress to get married, she just wore it for brunch on a cruise. NBD. Philipps, who you probs remember from Dawson’s Creek or Freaks and Geeks, was on a Disney Cruise with her family, and since her mom’s wedding dress was super cute and casual, she decided to wear it to brunch.

Obviously, her mother burst into tears, because what else is a mom to do? But we think it’s rad that this dress is casual enough to wear out to a simple meal.


Her caption reads:

"As a surprise to my mom, I brought her wedding dress on the cruise and wore it to brunch this morning — lucky for me they got married in the '60s and it's a super cute A-line mini so I wasn't walking around this boat in a floor length wedding dress! Anyway, of course, she burst into tears and I felt like Ross from Friends. SORRY MONICA!"

We’re all guilty of rifling through our parents’ cool ~retro~ clothes to try and find something amazing and unique you can wear today, but that usually is, like, blazers with intense shoulder pads or really alarming sweaters. Busy Philipps is super lucky not only that she and her mom are the same sizes, buta also that it’s super adorable!

So, like, what’s the policy for wearing your standard wedding gown to brunch? Asking for a friend.

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