Busy Philipps says this one subject will be off-limits on her new late-night show

We just learned more about the new Busy Philipps late-night talk show, and now we’re even more excited than we already were. The show, which was announced on May 1st, is currently being called Busy Tonight, and we can’t wait to see another female face in the still overwhelmingly male-dominated world of late-night (not to mention a face we love SO MUCH).

Philipps spoke to E! News directly on May 13th and provided a little more intel on what her show will entail.

"It's entertainment. It's my perspective on things," she said. "I am so excited to bring this show to E! I think there's, you know, plenty of space for another female voice in late-night, and I'm so happy that E! is so supportive of female talent."

She said that she’ll be bringing on a ton of celeb guests, and we’re almost positive that Michelle Williams, her BFF/soulmate, will be one of the first (Philipps noted that Williams already voiced an interest).

While the show will definitely be bringing viewers into Philipps’ world,  there’s one thing she’ll be keeping off-limits — and that’s stories about her family that they haven’t personally approved. According to the actress and soon-to-be host, her family has always been clear and open about their boundaries.

"My husband and I discuss things about when I post about our children and my kids actually have a voice in that, too," she said. "My little one is a little too little, so we kind of make the decision for her, but my older daughter definitely has a voice. Like, 'Do not post that picture, Mom.'"


Busy Tonight is set to debut this summer, likely in August, and we can’t wait to see Philipps slay.