Busy Philipps posted a “Kim Kelly all grown-up” pic, giving us “Freaks and Geeks” nostalgia vibes

If there’s one thing we love, it’s Busy Philipps. And if there’s two things we love, it’s Busy Philipps and Freaks and Geeks. So it goes without saying that we’re ALL ABOUT Philipp’s latest throwback to the show via her Instagram account.

The post in question? A pic of Philipps in jeans, a plain white tee, and a denim jacket looking badass in what looks like a school stairwell. Her caption reads, “Giving you grown up Kim Kelly vibes today.”

Kim Kelly, of course, is her iconic character in the aforementioned (also iconic) Freaks and Geeks. Take a look:


Oh yeah. We see it. And just so you all have a direct point of comparison:

For those who missed it, Freaks and Geeks was the cult NBC show spearheaded by the now-mega-famous Paul Feig and Judd Apatow. It ran for a measly 18 episodes before getting cancelled by the network, much to the chagrin of so many devoted fans (Seriously. We have never gotten over it).

The cast included the likes of James Franco, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, Linda Cardellini, and Martin Starr — to name just a few.


And if you’re wondering what Philipps has been up to lately (besides being BFFs with Michelle Williams, of course), rest assured that you’ll be able to see her in the 2018 Amy Schumer movie, I Feel Pretty.


Thanks for the much-needed blast from the past, Busy. Now, if you could get the crew together for a full Freaks reunion, we’d be eternally grateful. Please and thank you, and eternal love forever.