Busy Philipps is starring in Tina Fey’s new show about sisters, and she can barely contain herself

New TV show alert! There’s a new sitcom coming from Tina Fey and actress Busy Philipps is starring in it. She announced the good news on Instagram. “I don’t normally post stuff like this but I AM V.V. EXCITED about this job!!!!!” She captioned the screenshot of the announcement. Philips, who co-starred on Cougar Town with Courtney Cox and is currently featured on HBO’s Vice Principals will play one of the lead roles on The Sackett Sisters, produced by Fey and her Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt co-producers Robert Carlock and David Miner. The pilot script was written by Luke Del Tredici who has also written episodes of 30 Rock and Brooklyn Nine Nine. So it’s definitely going to be hilarious.


Based on its description, The Sackett Sisters sounds like a great show and Philipps is rightfully excited. She will play Mandy, a woman who is the embarrassment of her family. Thrice married and arrested six times, the only thing that she hasn’t screwed up is her son who she had when she was twenty. Mandy and her estranged sister Sutton perform an act of “public heroism” and are forced to deal with the fallout — viral fame— together. No additional casting information has been made available as of right now, but whoever is cast opposite Phillips will probably be equally as awesome

Though the pilot is being filmed, there is no guarantee that it will be picked up by a network. In the rest of the caption Philipps expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to get to work with the people involved in the project. “AGHH! PILOT SEASON PANIC!!!( j/K j/k there’s no panic. Just majorly chill vibes about getting to work with people I’ve admired forever ?❤️?)” We hope that the show gets picked up so we can see her on our screens every week!

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