Busy Philipps had to jump into a pool fully clothed to save her daughter

The Fourth of July is a great holiday to knock back a beer or two and celebrate the country. But unfortunately, Busy Philipps had a scary holiday this year due to an incident involving her daughter Cricket and a pool float. The good news is, everyone is okay.

Philipps proved that she’s one powerful mom. After she saw 4-year-old Cricket on a float that was veering to the end of an infinity pool, she decided to jump right in — clothes and all — to save her. Cricket, born in 2013, is the second daughter that Philipps has with husband Marc Silverstein.

After realizing that Cricket was totally fine, Philipps decided to see the humor in the situation and posted this photo.


"There was no one to help her in the pool and that's just what you do, I guess," Philipps said in the caption.

While infinity pools look incredibly cool, we can totally see how they’d be a little intimidating. Often seen at resorts, the pool design sports a disappearing edge based on a wall that comes right up to water level.

We definitely think it’s a fun story for Philipps to share with Cricket in the future.


Cricket is obviously a big fan of water, and since this happened just mere days after her birthday, it will surely be a story that gets passed on for years to come.


While Philipps truly got a bit wet during the holiday, it’s so sweet to know that she’s got that motherly instinct, and will go above and beyond to help her daughter — no matter what.