Busy Philipps’ daughter just won Halloween — by dressing up as her own mom

Everyone has their own Halloween costume style. Some of us love to embody something spooky for All Hallows’ Eve, while others tend to favor pop culture references. Besides, what’s more fun than dressing up like your favorite celebrity? It seems that Busy Philipps’ daughter, Birdie, had the same idea this year. But the main difference between her and us? The 9-year-old’s fave celeb is her mom.

Yup, Busy Philipps’ daughter dressed as her mom for Halloween, and it’s a truly spot-on recreation. Birdie might have a leg up with this costume idea because she does share half of Busy’s DNA. But that doesn’t mean she took any shortcuts when it came to formulating the costume.


Birdie has her mom’s cool muted pink hair. The street style-esque bohemian dress paired with sneakers. The sunglasses. And, of course, the coffee in the beaker mug.


Based on this pic, the two could pretty much be twins.


The humor was certainly not lost on Philipps. Later, on her Instagram story, Busy revealed more about her daughter’s decision to dress like her.

"How funny is Birdie’s costume? She’s making me come to her Halloween carnival at school today, and she’s making me bring her a giant Starbucks, like I always have," Philipps said, according to ET Online. “I’m going to start to cry. It’s so sweet. I know she’s making fun of me. I mean, she’s just being silly. She’s not really making fun of me. She’s kind of making fun of me, but she’s just her own person, and I really respect that.

To top it all off, Busy later copied Birdie’s costume to a T, down to the sunglasses and pom pom earrings.


Here’s another shot of Birdie with her friends, Skrillex and Evan Hansen.

These kids have seriously impressive costume skills.


While Birdie looks super confident in the adorable Instagram posts, Philipps also revealed that her daughter questioned her costume after a classmate said it might be “weird.”

“Birdie was feeling insecure about it, but then yesterday she was like, 'No, I want to do it. That’s what I want to be,'" Philipps continued.

We’re so glad they both went through with the look. It’s hilarious — and also should be interpreted as a great compliment to mama!

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