Busy Philipps just got a super sweet tattoo in honor of her daughter

Another day, another celebrity tattoo announcement—but this one’s much more joyful than breakup ink. On August 30th, Busy Philipps posted a carousel on Instagram depicting her tattoo session with artist Scott Campbell. The end result was a delicate black-and-gray cricket on her inner forearm. 

“Thank you @scottcampbell. I love my little magical cricket,” the actor captioned. She and Campbell also both posted full pictures of Philipps’s new ink.

Despite appearances, Philipps’s tattoo is not a permanent proclamation of her love for loud bugs.

Her new ink is in honor of her youngest daughter, 6-year-old Cricket. So sweet.

Philipps and her husband, writer-producer Marc Silverstein, are also parents to 11-year-old Birdie. And Philipps, who’s no stranger to tattoo- and parenting-related backlash, quickly put potential questions about a Birdie-themed tattoo to rest.

“Don’t worry guys, the bird is coming soon,” she also wrote in her caption.


The cute cricket marks the former Busy Tonight host’s third tattoo.

She debuted her first tattoo, a line of text down her left forearm, on Instagram back in July 2018. “‘It says aced out in her nudes,’” she captioned, adding that she explains the meaning behind this unusual quote in her memoir This Will Only Hurt a Little. (Spoiler: That’s how Philipps’s mom described her daughter’s “toddler jailbreak” as a naked and unafraid 2-year-old.) 


Philipps got her second tattoo—another homage to her memoir, from tattoo artist Dre Li—in April. The ankle ink depicts a figure skater with the words “fuck ‘em” trailing behind her. The line drawing is a replica of a Geoff McFetridge illustration that appears in her book.

When some commenters criticized Philipps’s NSFW ink, pointing to her role as a mother of two small children, Philipps defended her choice to one skeptical commenter.

“I tell [my children] that these are words to live by. Especially as a woman," she wrote.


No word yet on when Phillips will add her Birdie-themed tattoo to her quickly growing collection—but when she does, we know she’ll have something good to say about it.

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