The 18 best businesses in Stars Hollow from “Gilmore Girls,” ranked once and for all

Gilmore Girls was an amazing TV series, and although we know it isn’t real, it doesn’t make us love it any less! In fact, if there was any way to actually live in Stars Hollow and fulfill our fantasy of being the third Gilmore girl, we’d sign up right away.

But since fictional dimension time travel is STILL not a thing (sigh) we decided to just rank all of the businesses in town from not super stellar to the absolute best. See where your favorite business lands on our list below.

Gypsy’s Garage

Sorry, even though Gypsy was ah-mazing and hilarious on the series, no one really wants to visit a garage. She does however seem to work miracles on cars, so it’s a good place to have in town.


The Hungry Diner

Remember this place? It was Rory and Lorelai’s backup diner because obviously it wasn’t the best in town. It did do the trick whenever Luke was out of town, but the food was just eh.


The Chat Club

Every small town needs a totally random business, and Stars Hollow had the Chat Club. It was a store with cat items. How bizarre is that? Cat ladies would totally love it, but for everyone else in town it is just weird.


Stars Hollow Beauty Shop

The local beauty shop gets major points for supplying Lane with the purple hair dye that she used, took a picture of and then rinsed out. The downside was that Shane, aka Jess’s annoying GF, worked there — she was the worst.


Stars Hollow Video

For starers video shops are SO 1990, but that’s not the reason it’s so low on our scale. When Rory asked for a scandalous movie to be moved higher on the self, they created the “Rory Curtain” for explicit videos, which was insane.


The Independence Inn

Although the Independence Inn was gorgeous, and it housed Lorelai and baby Rory, it wasn’t the best inn in town. Plus, the inn did eventually burn down, so that sadly diminishes its awesomeness.


Doose’s Market

Every town needs a market, so why not have one with a crazy boss named Taylor Doose? Plus, if the bag boys are actually as cute as Dean, then this would definitely be a market we would frequent daily.


Stars Hollow Books

Whether or not you are a big reader, the Stars Hollow Books bookstore was clearly a gem. It was small and quiet and perfect for reading all day or working at as an after school job, like Rory did in the summer.


Sophie’s Music

The music shop in town supplied Lane and her rocking band with all the instruments they needed, which was pretty cool. Sophie Bloom ran the shop and allowed Lane to learn how to play the drums without her mom finding out, so that doubles this location’s cool points.


Antonioli’s Restaurant

They created the world’s largest pizza… well, they attempted to anyways. Any restaurant that goes to ridiculous lengths for someone’s birthday is a keeper in our books.


Miss Patty’s School of Ballet

Learning to dance in a barn… what could be better than that? As a kid this would have been the coolest place to take dance lessons, even if anyone walking by could see what you were doing.


Al’s Pancake World

As long as you don’t eat the pancakes, dining at Al’s would be a treat. According to Rory and Lorelai, Al’s has the best Chinese food in Stars Hollow and we take their word for it.


Black, White and Read Bookshop (and theater)

Yes, we dare say that this bookstore is better than Stars Hollow Books. The reason why is simple, in addition to being a small-town bookshop, at night the store turned into an old-school movie theater!


Weston’s Bakery

Sure, Weston’s didn’t have the best coffee in town, but Fran (who ran the bakery) could make a delightful cake. Plus, her candy cane coffee was legendary and something we still dream about trying someday.


Kim’s Antiques

Okay, so Mrs. Kim was crazy, but her store was legit. There were so many treasures there and she could sell you anything even if you didn’t need it. If you broke it however, you would definitely have to buy it.


Taylor Doose’s Old Fashion Soda Shoppe

This might have popped up in town later on during the show, but it still gets major love. Come on, what’s not to love about ice cream, candy and retro decor? Plus, you could be Ice Cream Queen like everyone’s favorite local… Rory!


The Dragonfly Inn

When Lorelai and Sookie finally bought the Dragonfly everything seemed right in the world. We would check into this inn, hangout at the stables, and eat anything Sookie was cooking right away.


Luke’s Diner

Hello, Luke’s was clearly the best business in town. First of all it was a diner in an old hardware store, which gave it a vintage feel. Secondly, there were no cell phones allowed, so it would be stress free to eat there. Lastly, it was Luke’s!!


Which Stars Hollow establishment are you dying to go to? We are all about Luke’s Diner for breakfast and lunch and then a quick trip to the Dragonfly Inn for tea and a horseback ride!

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