We are ready to settle a business deal with Elle Fanning in her bewitching boss pantsuit

We absolutely adore when our favorite females don menswear-inspired outfits. A woman in a sharp suit is truly a force to be reckoned with. On Wednesday, Elle Fanning wore a stunning tailored pantsuit and we’re ready to shake her hand and finally settle that business deal we’ve been throwing back and forth for the past few months.

Fanning wore a long blazer with matching flared trousers. She paired the pantsuit with a creme chiffon blouse and a loosely draped black necktie. With her hair slicked back, and her eyeshadow smoked out, Fanning looked like she was the HBIC of the Sundance Film Festival.

She’d be the sweetest HBIC that anyone would ever encounter, though.


Fanning wore this look to the Sidney Hall Party at the Sundance Film Festival. We wonder if she coordinated her outfit with her Sidney Hall costars, Michelle Monaghan and Margaret Qualley.

These ladies look like the next hot girl group to have three hits on the American Top 40 Chart.


The key to a great pantsuit is the tailoring that goes into it. Because of the wide leg and the long hem on the blazer, Fanning’s figure could have easily been hidden and forgotten. But, note how well the coat fits her in the shoulder, and how the pant leg hugs her thighs before flaring out at the knee.

These two little details make all the difference between looking pulled together or looking like a little kid playing dress up in her mother’s clothes.


When buying a pantsuit for your next pantsuit-worthy event, set aside an extra little fund for tailoring. Snipping a bit here, and cinching a bit there, will make a world of difference in how you look and feel in the overall garment.

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