The huge number of buses applying for parking at the Women’s March in D.C. is a reminder that women will never stop fighting

Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss to Donald Trump in November was a major blow to millions of women, and the political climate has continued to rapidly move in a frightening direction since November 8th. Most recently, the GOP announced their plans to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood and repeal the Affordable Care Act, both of which would have devastating affects for women.

But, we aren’t giving up — in fact, the number of buses applying for parking at the Women’s March in D.C. is proof that we’re more galvanized than ever to defend our rights and stand up to Donald Trump and the GOP’s sexist policies.[/subhead]


NBC Washington reports that the city of Washington D.C. has received approximately three times as many bus parking permits for the day of the Women’s March on Washington than it has for Inauguration Day.

As of Thursday, January 12th, the city had received 393 permits for Inauguration parking, compared to over 1,200 for the march. These numbers will surely distress Trump, who is known for his attention-seeking behavior and fragile ego.

And, according to The Washington Post, the number of buses headed to D.C. on January 21st could be higher than expected — RFK Stadium, the designated parking area, can only hold 1,300 buses.

Additional buses may park elsewhere in the city, so the sheer number of women participating in the march will be massive and it’ll send the strong message to Trump that we won’t stop fighting for our rights.

In addition to the march in D.C., women will take to the streets in “sister marches” located all over the country.

As of January 13th, over half a million women nationwide are expected to protest on January 21st.

Women’s rights are under attack, but these numbers are an inspiring reminder that we will hold Trump and the GOP accountable at every turn.

Clinton’s loss is a devastating setback, but she urged us to never stop fighting for what’s right — and women have taken her message to heart.