This bus driver saved a life with some quick thinking — and, oh yeah, his bus

Paul Healy is a bus driver in Boston who literally saved people’s lives late last week. A driver with MBTA for 14 years, he used his bus (and some seriously quick thinking) to prevent what could have been a huge accident, all in the nick of time.

Healy was driving his route down Quincy Avenue on Friday when he noticed a driver who looked like they were slumped over the wheel of their Jeep. The Jeep was moving erratically, and approaching an intersection.

“I saw the car veer off to the right in front of me and slowed down,” Healy told local CBS affiliate, WBZ. “It went up on the curb and came back down. Then when I got about parallel to the car, I looked over and I saw the woman slumped over.”

So Healy made a bold move that totally paid off. He cut in front of the Jeep so that it couldn’t enter the coming intersection. The Jeep wasn’t moving at a high-speed, so it made contact with the bus and slowed down enough so that Healy was able to turn off the engine. An ambulance was called, and the woman was taken to the hospital.

The woman was later identified as Denise McDonald; she passed out while driving herself to a doctor’s appointment.

McDonald told CBS News, “I woke up in the emergency room and that is never a good sign. He did absolutely the right thing at the right time and he was at the right place for me, so he is my guardian angel.”

You can see the video from the bus’ security footage below. It’s pretty incredible. Way to think fast, Paul! You are certainly a hero.

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