Morning hacks that all non-morning girls will love

We’ll admit it: We aren’t exactly what you would call morning people. Try as we might, there are some days that it’s nearly impossible to drag ourselves out of bed. Cozy comfort greatly outweighs things like work and school and adult responsibilities, but alas, the real world eventually wins out.

Instead of hitting snooze, we’re taking action. In an attempt to combat early a.m. zombie-ness, we’ve compiled a list of surefire ways to wake up—even if you aren’t a morning person. These hacks will help you jumpstart your day and make it a productive one!

1. Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room.

There’s no better feeling than falling back asleep. But in our quest to become better morning people, we’ve started keeping our phones and/or alarm clocks out of reach. If you physically have to get out of bed to stop the racket, you’ll be much less likely to get back in it, and voila — your day has begun.

2. Stretch.

A minute or two of morning yoga will do wonders for your mood. Your body tends to stiffen up while you sleep, so take a moment to stretch, warm up, and get loose.

3. Incorporate Burt’s Bees BB Cream into your routine.


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4. Make your bed.

For starters, this will help prevent you from crawling back in bed for an extra 10 minutes of shut eye. But beyond that, straightening your sheets and arranging your pillows just so will put your mind at ease and make you feel that you’ve accomplished something —the first of many for the day. Your mom would be so proud.

5. Prep a delicious breakfast the night before.

And don’t tell us that you don’t have time to eat breakfast. Once you get into the habit of preparing overnight oats or a breakfast smoothie for yourself at night, you’ll actually look forward to waking up so you can enjoy it.

6. Get some fresh air.

Walk the dog, retrieve the newspaper, or open up a window. Fresh air and natural sunlight will wake up your body and your mind, and you’ll be ready to take on the day before you know it.