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Today, Valentine’s Day, is the perfect day to debut BURNING LOVE SEASON 2!!!!

Last season, hunky fireman Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) was the prize to win for an eclectic group of ladies looking for love. Beauty-with-a-monkey-heart Tamara (Deanna Russo), lady-with-an-aversion-to-underwear Haley (Natasha Leggero) and emotionally-charged dental-hygienist Julie Gristlewhite (June Diane Raphael) were some of the ladies looking to win Mark’s heart.

Julie Gristlewhite’s time on the show was cut short when she opened up to Mark, whilst roller skating, about her ex fiancé. Then, on the reunion show, we learned that Julie and girl-crazed contestant Carly (Janet Varney) were hot for each other and didn’t need a fireman to put out their fire. But that love was short lived and Julie was tapped to be our bachelorette for Season 2 of Burning Love. Now she has a gaggle of gorgeous men to choose from.

Julie, you have had, what I can only imagine is, the journey of a lifetime as the star of Burning Love Season 2. Could you sum up your experience? What can we look forward to seeing this season?

Julie: You can look forward to seeing your girl Julie being woo’ed by a ton of sexy dudes! There is way more drama than I would have liked. I HATE DRAMA! But what can I say – the men go a little crazy for me. And maybe I go a little crazy for some of them too. As a wise man once said, “I fell in love in a hopeless place!”

Julie had some awfully dynamic suitors and I had the chance to touch-base with a few. Robby Z (Paul Scheer), Simon (Rob Huebel), and Henry (Jerry O’Connell), were three of the many men vying for Julie’s hand in marriage.

Robby Z, you’re a “Party Motivator” with a shocking amount of energy. Was Julie Gristlewhite the yin to your yang?

Robbie: Julie is definitely a girl that knows what comes before Part B… it’s PARTAY! I think being on the show reminded me that the most important party is the party one heart has with another heart in the club of Love! 

Simon, you claim to be a Prince. Is that a self appointed title or do you actually have royal lineage? Is Julie Gristlewhite fit to be your princess?

Simon: I can assure you, I have royal lineage. My father says he was a prince. And my father’s father also says that. So, you can look that up. As for Julie, she is definitely princess material. I can see a crown on her head someday. And some royal hair extensions. 

Henry, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. From the looks of things, I think Julie could benefit from a little stability. Was she charmed by you or bored to tears?

Henry: I think I can bring a lot stability to Julie. I’m here for the right reasons, unlike some of these other guys. I live in Utah and have a home for Julie to walk right into. It’s ready to go. I believe I can give Julie the life she really needs and wants.

Tune into Burning Love Season 2 it’s going to be a sexy and sensational ride! http://screen.yahoo.com/burning-love/

If you want to learn more about Julie Gristlewhite follow her on twitter @BurningLoveJul and read the “Girls We Love: Julie Gristlewhite Edition”

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