This burn survivor’s gorgeous pregnancy pics are totally inspiring

Courage comes in many forms, and lucky for us Andrea Grant isn’t afraid to share hers. When Andrea was just 9 years old, she got 3rd degree burns over 85% of her body after being exposed to a gas explosion. She survived and can happily say that she has thrived since. Now, as a confident 24-year-old, she is a motivational speaker and a kick-ass mom to be.

Doctors told Andrea that she would not be able to carry a baby to full term due to the extent of her burns. Since skin needs to stretch in order to accommodate a growing life, they explained that it would be difficult because of her previous injury. Andrea wouldn’t be stopped — her pregnancy is at 37 weeks and she cannot help but celebrate. Just look at these photos!

But now, thanks to a professional photo shoot with photographer Terrance Armand, Andrea’s latest pregnancy photos have gone massively viral:

That is one proud mama! Luckily for all of us, Andrea is using her courage and platform to shed light on the severity of the stigma that accompanies people with burns, and these lovely pregnancy pics do it in such a universally “awwww moment” way. We tend to cover up and hide, when in fact we should be celebrating and encouraging each other. Having scars is nothing to be ashamed of, and just another thing we need to destigmatize.


Until then, Andrea Grant will be in the forefront of the fight, making sure people get to see a different side of someone who has burns. And if her Instagram photos are of any indication, she’ll be making you style-envious for days!

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