Burger King now has Whopper toothpaste, and what is real life anymore?

There’s no denying Burger King makes some pretty tasty burgers. They’ve earned their “royal” food title fair and square. But this new Burger King ad for Whopper toothpaste makes us question just how far we’re willing to go to taste their goodness.

In a recently released ad on Burger King France, the company shows off flavored toothpaste.

But instead of regular mint or even orange taste, it supposedly tastes like a Whopper. And if the reactions of the user are any indication, it’s just as delicious as eating a Whopper itself. Plus, it supposedly works just as well as regular toothpaste.


Okay, TBH, there’s a good chance the company is just messing with us. After all, April Fool’s Day is just around the corner. And, though this advertisement didn’t come out on the famous day of debauchery, it’s still pretty close in timing.

Plenty of people are having mixed reactions to the announcement.

Mostly because Burger King hasn’t said one way or another (yet) if the toothpaste is real.

Of course, if you watch the commercial itself, it’s pretty obvious they’re having fun with us. The handsome model with sparkling white teeth not only brushes with Whopper toothpaste, but he follows the brushing up by rinsing with liquid from a Burger King cup.

The best pranks are the ones you don’t know are pranks. So if this is (and it ~probably~ is) just a joke, it’s a very good one. And we have to give major props to Burger King for both their creativity and their timing.

While we do love the taste of a good Whopper, we’re just fine with eating it the old-fashioned way.