This Burger King trolled McDonald’s with a shady Halloween costume and it was glorious

Still deciding on your Halloween costume? Well, if you’re interested in going the petty route, this Burger King that dressed up as McDonald’s might spark some ideas. Shout out to Delish, who hipped us to this hilarious example of how fast foods gloriously troll one another.

In what is likely the start of an epic battle of the burger chains, a Burger King restaurant in Rego Park, NY threw some ghoulish shade at McDonald’s with a clever Halloween costume idea that’s also a costume everyone wore as a child: a ghost, but instead of the friendly Casper type, we’ll say Burger King was more of a “frenemy” ghost.


Pegged “The Scariest BK,” the entire building was draped in a white sheet with the golden arch-eyeball cutouts meticulously placed to reveal the Burger King signage. Oh, and the spray-painted McDonald’s name lets us know everything we need to know about how BK feels about their competition.

Um, now that was a sick burn. Your move, McDonald’s.