Burger King made these moviegoers as afraid of Ronald McDonald as they are of Pennywise

The endless throw down between popular fast food chains just went nuclear. In a genius advertising move, Burger King used It to campaign against McDonald’s!

A screening of It received a unique message at the end of the film. No doubt, folks were waiting for a tag with a jump scare. Instead, they got a clever message (below), followed by Burger King’s logo:

"The moral is: Never trust a clown."

Obviously the clown Burger King brought into question isn’t Pennywise, but Ronald McDonald — the McDonald’s mascot.

You know the clown we’re talking about:


And while part of us is like, hey, Burger King, lay off — Ronald was a cherished part of childhood…Part of us is also like, yo there is something a little creepy about that guy.


The stunt was met with roars of laughter from the crowd, and it’s fair. It’s pretty hilarious. Also, It is horrifying, so it was probably a relief to find something that inspired laughter instead of tears.

It was just a marketing stunt, but we sort of wish Burger King had rolled this thing out nationwide — we definitely would’ve appreciated this massive break in tension at the end of a veeeeery tense viewing experience.

But hey, there is a sequel in the works, so we’re sure there’ll be plenty more opportunities — and we’ll be on the lookout.

Your move, McDonald’s. We’re thinking there’s some kind of King joke to be made at the end of Chris Pine’s upcoming Netflix film, but we’ll leave it to the professionals.

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