Burger King just made our dreams come true with this epic new milkshake

The good people at Burger King are dreamers. They have some wild ideas, and don’t care who knows it. Chicken fries? Yes, please. The McWhopper that never was? We were on your side, BK. In Japan, they even offer black burgers made with bamboo charcoal topped with squid ink. So when Burger King announced their latest genius food endeavor, we were amazed, but not too surprised.

Introducing: The Chips Ahoy S’mores Shake. Oh yes, they went there. This new milkshake combines two of life’s greatest treats — cookies and s’mores — into one sippable, delectable delight. Based on the pics we’ve seen, the drink is topped with plenty of whipped topping and cookie crumbles. Step out of Oreo’s shadow, Chips Ahoy, it’s finally your moment to shine!

According to the Impulsive Buy, there are also cookie pieces blended into the ice cream itself, which is possibly marshmallow-flavored. The whipped topping might be marshmallow-flavored, too. Which is amazing. But we have to ask: What else makes this shake taste like s’mores? Maybe there are graham cracker bits blended in the ice cream as well? Or chocolate chunks? Maybe they roast the milkshake over an open flame for a few seconds before serving it? Those of us on Team S’mores need some more deets.

Can we please make this glorious milkshake a real thing that is available everywhere? So far, it’s only been spotted in the wild at a Burger King in Visalia, California. Maybe we could get some sort of petition going? Or a Kickstarter? Those always seem to do the trick.

(Image via Twitter.)