Let’s talk about Burger King’s Mac ‘n Cheetos, the newest junk food mashup you can put in your body

Move over cronut. Take a number, turducken. You’re ancient history, pizza bagel. There’s a new food mashup on the horizon, and it’s both fascinatingly strange yet somehow totally unsurprising: the Mac ‘n Cheeto.

That’s right. Two of our favorite, cheesy guilty pleasures — mac ‘n cheese, and Cheetos —wrapped up in one Franken-food package. While we’re not sure you should try them chances are that you’ll want to, if only just to satisfy your curiosity.

According to Forbes, the Mac ‘n Cheeto is set to debut Monday at Burger King and will only be available for a limited time.

(Because we know, as with strange, limited edition Oreo flavors, we’re more likely to try something if the option won’t last for long. Like this one. And this one. Honestly we could do this all day.)

You may be wondering how exactly this mashup works; essentially, mac ‘n cheese is nestled inside a deep-fried, Cheeto-flavored shell, like a gooey, weightier version of a Cheeto Puff. An order of Mac ‘n Cheetos will cost $2.49 and its caloric consequences will be… wait for it… actually not that bad?

An order of Mac ‘n Cheetos (5 pieces) is 310 calories, which according Michelle Dudash, the nutritionist Forbes consulted, is actually less than a small order of fries at Burger King. But, the Mac ‘n Cheetos will come with a Ranch dip, which if utilized will probably increase the calories of the surprisingly tempting snack considerably.

We don’t have all the data on the Mac ‘n Cheeto, but we’re guessing it’s made up mostly of starch, sodium, and processed cheese product — so while the calories aren’t as high as you’d expect (if you leave out the Ranch), we doubt it’s exactly “good” for you, even in comparison to the fries. However, those who are curious about the full nutritional information will be able to find it on Burger King’s website starting Monday.

While there’s been a lot of buzz about the Mac n’ Cheeto throughout the internet, we have yet to hear how they actually are. However, we know we’re curious and might just stop by a Burger King on Monday to try an order (though perhaps without the Ranch).