Bunny spas are a thing and we want to go to one

Pop quiz: What’s better than a spa day? Answer: A spa day with bunnies!

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a thing. If you live in London, next month you can get a massage or a facial while adorable rescue bunnies frolic all around you. Oh, and did we mention it won’t cost you a dime? WHAT KIND OF WONDERFUL MADNESS IS THIS?!

This animal lover’s dream come true is being brought to you by 7th Heaven Beauty, a cruelty free, vegetarian skin care company based in the UK. Next month, 7th Heaven is opening a pop-up spa in posh Covent Garden, where they’ll be offering free spa treatments and bunny cuddles. Lots and lots of bunny cuddles. It’s being hailed as the world’s first bunny spa, which we think might be the most genius idea of all time.

Spokesperson Steven Van Hemmen told MetroNews, “At 7th Heaven we love animals as much as we love humans and this is the perfect way to combine the two.” ALL OF THE FLUFFY YES. He points out that the spa will be an amazing experience for both humans and bunnies alike. “The rabbits will be pampered, too, with plenty of food, a huge run to explore, with plenty of human interaction, which they love.”

The bunnies at 7th Heaven’s spa will all be lop-eared Easter bunnies from Greenwich Rabbit Rescue. You can snuggle with them from March 12-14, while the experts at 7th Heaven give you glowing skin.

We can’t get on this fast enough. In the meantime, 7th Heaven’s precious tweets about the bunny spa are giving us life:

BRB. Booking my flight to London.