This bungee jumper just broke a world record by dunking a biscuit in tea mid-jump – and we didn’t even know there was a record for that!

Some people will go to amazing lengths for tea and biscuits. Literally.

On Thursday, Simon Berry, 24, broke the Guinness World Record for the highest bungee dunk ever.

With an official Guinness World Record Adjudicator present, the U.K. native bungee jumped off of a platform that was 240 feet in the air, chocolate Hobnob in hand -- and at the bungee’s lowest point, he daintily dipped his biscuit in a mug of tea (decorated, appropriately, with the Union Jack).

Berry’s technique involved careful measuring of the bungee cord, placement of the platform and mug, hand positioning, and biscuit choice. He selected the Hobnob for its “structural integrity”.

The previous world record for bungee dunking was set in 2013 by American Ron Jones, who jumped 198 feet to dunk a donut in a cup of coffee.

Berry’s was one of many world records broken today. Thursday marked Guinness World Records Day, celebrating the 100 millionth copy of the famous record book being sold.

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Other records set on Guinness World Records Day included “most traffic cones balanced on the chin,” “most magic tricks on a skydive,” “most rings placed on a target by a parrot in one minute,” and “shortest married couple.”

Congrats to all these go-getters!!!